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The sustainable reusable bowl

10 Reasons to choose THE Ökobowl

ÖkoBowl - the reusable bowl

Our sustainable reusable bowl “ÖkoBowl” is stackable, suitable for cold food, hot liquids and fatty dishes up to 110 ° Celsius. It is space-saving, extremely durable and of high quality. The bowls are made of BPA-free polypropylene (abbreviation PP). All bowls are also suitable for freezing.

Together with our recycling cycle, the use of our reusable bowls saves raw materials and resources in the long term. This is how you promote sustainability and also reduce your costs.

ÖkoBowl in different sizes

Our reusable bowls are available in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the application, you can combine our bowls with each other:

434ml 14,67 oz

Fruit salad bowl

598ml 20,22 oz

Soup / dining bowl

1017ml 34,38 oz

Pasta / meat menu

1367ml 46,22 oz

Lunch menu or salad

Colors of our bowls (in progress)

(Pantone white)

(Pantone Black 6 C)

(Pantone to follow)

(Pantone to follow)



All the advantages of our reusable bowls

90% less waste compared to disposable tableware!

Bowls for every temperature

All of our bowls have a declaration of conformity according to the EU 10/2011 regulation. Our reusable bowls included no melamine resin or other harmful substances that can escape when filling with hot or cold liquids or food.

quality assurance

A regional laboratory checks our bowls and mugs. The colors used are also regularly used as part of a permanent quality assurance Checked for safety and compatibility.

Sustainable reusable bowl - sustainably packaged

We do not use any (shipping) packaging Avoiding Garbage As far as possible on plastic films and only use wet adhesive tape to seal the cardboard boxes. Wet tape can be 100% recycled and seals the box.

The reusable bowl is available from wholesalers here (map of the points of sale):

ÖkoBowl in action

In cooperation with the catering industry, the bowls were developed precisely to the wishes and requirements of previous customers. 

430ml stackable bowl - reusable
580ml stackable bowl - reusable

Personal advice on our reusable trays

Whether you are a retailer or end customer, we would be happy to advise and inform you, as the manufacturer and direct sales partner of the ÖkoBowl, without obligation about the use and purchase of our reusable bowl recycling system!

Oliver Findewirth
(Sales / Export)

Phone: +49 (0)30 403039-19
E-Mail: mein@oekocup.de

Ines Findewirth

Ines Findewirth
(Customer service)

Phone: +49 (0)30 403039-19
E-Mail: mein@oekocup.de