ECO Small
Cup return machine

Our return machine with deposit return has space for up to 700 coffee mugs

Our Reverse vending machine is most sustainable in combination with our sustainable reusable cups in a closed reusable cycle. In addition to emptying the machines, we also clean the beverage cups and equip your cup dispenser with your freshly cleaned cups. Find out here how the reusable system from moBrands can save you and your company time, money, waste and raw materials. Take care of your business. We solve the return and cleaning for you!

You can also use our Öko Small as a deposit machine

Our “Öko-Small” cup machine offers an uncomplicated solution for a automatic return-system as well as the Option of issuing a deposit . The deposit can be paid out at the machine in cash or via a printed deposit receipt for cups and mugs with lids. Our machine is burglarproof and only takes back approved items, which significantly reduces the risk of deposit fraud at the machine.

Pfandautomat für nachhaltige Mehrwegbecher

The eco-small cup return machine

Our cup take-back machines have been in use for many years in canteens or warehouses such as Amazon. You do not need any additional staff to take care of taking back cups or returning deposits. We can also equip the machines with cleaned reusable cups for you!

Technical details of the deposit return machine

Purchase or leasing of the deposit machine is possible

Customers who use our return machine together with the ÖkoCup

A cup return machine together with the reusable ÖkoCup is not only ecologically sensible, it also pays off economically. Through the use of automatic cup return systems in closed locations (not open to the public) such as in canteens, logistics warehouses, hospitals or production sites, can Save thousands of disposable cups every day. This simple and fast solution for returning cups not only results in less waste, but also reduced costs for cups and their disposal and less effort in the procurement logistics for new reusable cups.

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moBrands GmbH

Manufacturer of reverse vending machines & reusable solutions from Berlin

MoBrands GmbH is an international company specializing in the manufacture and sale of reusable plastic products. Our extensive portfolio ranges from plastic glasses, reusable cups, promotional items, promotional products, catering items to a printing company that offers a wide variety of finishes.

In addition to a large variety of standard products in our online shop at “”, we also present ourselves as a high-performance injection molding partner or realize your very own plastic project.

In order to meet our demand for a 100% recycling cycle for our own reusable cups, bowls and reusable glasses, we developed the ÖkoCup together with the return machine.

Reusable cups in combination with a reverse vending machine, efficient cleaning and our take-back offer for all cups at the end of their life cycle, our reusable solutions can be used in a particularly sustainable manner and save resources.

Personal advice

to our reverse vending machines


Advice on installation at Universities & in canteens


Consultation for Companies, cafes and bistros to use our reusable bowls


Consultation for Reseller, partner & founder on purchasing conditions and the recycling system

Personal advice

Whether you are a retailer or an end customer, we will be happy to advise and inform you, as the manufacturers and direct sales partners of the ÖkoCups, without obligation about the use and purchase of our reusable cup recycling system!

All information about the recycling cycle and our reusable cups can be foundin our flyer.

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