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ÖkoCup – the sustainable "coffee to go" mug

Mehrwegbecher mit Deckel 0,25l, 0,3l, 0,4l, 0,5l

The ÖkoCup is the only reusable cup with an optional return and a sustainable cycle.

It fits in all standardized stacking systems and under all coffee machines. It is space-saving, durable and of high quality. The cups can be stacked with and without a lid. The ÖkoCup is a BPA-free reusable cup, made of polypropylene (abbreviation PP), which saves raw materials and resourcesin our recycling cycle, thus promoting sustainability and at the same time reducing costs.

Reusable cup 0.4l black with lid - sustainably made in Germany

A real fully sustainable coffee mug

For each of our products there is a declaration of conformity according to the EU 10/2011 regulation. Our reusable cups do not contain melamine resin or other harmful substances that can escape when they come into contact with hot or cold beverages.

A regional laboratory regularly checks our cups, lids and colors as part of permanent quality assurance. We do not use additional plastic films for any packaging and exclusively use wet adhesive tape to seal the cardboard boxes. Wet tape can be 100% recycled and seals the box.

A surrounding embossing with the note Reusable – Reusable – Reusable shows customers that this is not a disposable cup.

Our reusable cup in a sustainable cycle system

The ÖkoCup is a high-quality and durable BPA-free plastic cup that savesraw materials and resources in a closed recycling system and thus promotes sustainability. The reusable cups are produced in Berlin and come from controlled raw materials from suppliers within the EU. Already when shipping, we pay attention to the reduction of packaging materialand completely dispense with conventional film packaging. The Shipping is CO2 neutral via our logistics partners.

After the useful life has expired, we will collect the used reusable cups from you on site, send them to our recycling process and manufacture new cups from the material obtained. Our reusable cups are recycled up to 100%.

Sizes of our reusable cups

nachhaltige mehrwegbecher weiß 0,15l

0,15l cup

Espresso 220ml - 7,5 oz

nachhaltige mehrwegbecher weiß 0,25l

0,25l cup

320ml - 10,82 oz

nachhaltige mehrwegbecher weiß 0,3l

0,3l cup

380ml - 12,85 oz

nachhaltige mehrwegbecher weiß 0,4l

0,4l cup

511ml - 17,28 oz

nachhaltige mehrwegbecher weiß 0,5l

0,5l cup

611ml - 20,66 oz

Colors of our reusable cups

(Pantone Black 6 C)

(Pantone 433U)

(Pantone Warm Gray 7 C)

(Pantone 433U)



All the advantages of our reusable cups

90% less waste compared to disposable cups!

Reusable cups individually
printed with your logo

We are happy to offer the individual design of your reusable cup in monochrome screen printing. We can print the cup all around or only partially, on request.

Details on the design can be found in the respective stand sketches. If you need less than 600 pieces, we would be happy to offer you an ÖkoCup with our logo.

As a design template, we provide different stand sketches for each cup size and cup color as a PDF file for download.

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4 steps to individual
printed Reusable cups!

Printing examples 360 ° screen printing

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Reusable cups with Öko-Lid


The reusable lids for our reusable cups are available in 2 sizes. The diameter differs between 80 & 90mm. The cups can be stacked with or without a lid.


The 80mm lids fit 0.25l & 0.3l reusable cups. Our new 90mm lids are suitable for 0.4l & 0.5l cups.


We offer our lids in 7 standard colors (white, black, gray, natural / translucent, green, pink and orange). From a quantity of 8,820 lids, the production of a special color of the lid is possible.


All cups and lids can be individually printed with your logo. Please do not hesitate to ask!

Your individually printed ÖkoCup lid

We are happy to offer the individual design of your reusable lids from a quantity of 630 pieces. Smaller quantities are also possible by arrangement. There are various options for creating your individual lid design.

The logo can be printed with a diameter of Ø 40 mm on the 80s and 90s reusable lids.

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Colors and sizes of our reusable lids

(Pantone 433U)

(Pantone Black 6 C)

(Pantone 137 U)



(Pantone 433U)

(Pantone 673 C)

(Pantone 368 U)

Customers who already use our reusable cup

The ÖkoCup reusable cup is not only ecologically sensible, it also pays off economically. Through its use in closed locations (without public traffic) such as in canteens, warehouses, hospitals or production sites in combination with cup return machines,thousands of disposable cups can be saved every day.

This goes hand in hand with lower costs for waste disposaland less effort in your procurement logistics for new cups.

The ÖkoCup in the daily use


With reusable cups, we save up to 2.000 euros per day in our operations

Reusable cups at Amazon save 45.000 disposable cups per day

NürnbergMesse saves up to 3.000 disposable cups per day at the trade fair

Customers who work with us sustainably

The reusable cup is available from wholesalers here (map of the points of sale)

Return machine "Öko Small" for reusable cups

Pfandautomat für nachhaltige Mehrwegbecher

The take-back machine

Our reusable cups develop their full potential in combination with our uncomplicated return and deposit systems. Our reverse vending machines including the cleaning processhave been tried and tested and have been in use successfully for many years.

You do not need any additional staff to take care of the returnof the deposit, cleaning the reusable cups or equipping your coffee machines.

Take care of your business, we will solve the returns for you!

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions 183 x 99 x88 cm (height x width x depth)
  • 220 Volt power connection (standard socket)
  • Return capacity of 700 reusable cups
  • 5 seconds return time per cup
  • Lifetime of approx. 7-10 years
  • The machine is 100% recyclable at the end of its use
  • Indoor and outdoor versions available
  • Burglarproof
  • Deposit returns only for approved cups
  • Deposit payment in cash or with receipt
  • Transport trolley for cups
  • Purchase or leasing contract possible!

Personal advice on our reusable cups

Whether you are a retailer or end customer, we are happy to advise and inform you, as the manufacturers and direct sales partners of the ÖkoCups, without obligation about the use and purchase of our reusable cup recycling system! You canfill out our inquiry form here.

All information about the recycling cycle and our reusable cups can be found in our flyer

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